open, honest, useful feedback

Traditional exit interview methods are dated - whether it's a line manager face-to-face, or a third-party telephone-based interview, you're unlikely to get the feedback you need. With open, honest, useful feedback you can tackle costly employee turnover, understand how to improve your business, and avoid losing talented employees in the future.

the ideal farewell

What if you could create a unique journey with a push, swipe or tap on a mobile device? The giant exit interview radically reimagines the traditional process. With your company's branding and a neutral interface (not a line manager face-to-face), the giant exit interview feels painless and professional. The online form is designed first and foremost for mobile, so it's truly anywhere-anytime convenient for the leaver. You can use your own specific questions, or a standard questionnaire if you prefer. All this leads to great results. Higher response rates. Candid feedback. Useful data. And, best of all, invaluable insight.

best practice

What is the best way to approach the business of exit interviews? Ensure that the process is convenient for the employee. Make it easy, relevant and engaging, make sure the interview comes from you, and does not feel outsourced to some irrelevant third party.
Make continual improvements to encourage high response rates.