what we do

Our offering has grown with decades of technological improvement and customer feedback. Whatever your industry or regulatory environment, we can start from scratch, or enhance your existing processes.

The giant approach is so flexible that we can design and deliver screening programmes to meet all your needs, no matter how particular.
The giant employment reference checks service is a cost-saving way of automating the job reference process. So bring on the reference requests!
It's time to re-think the traditional exit interview so that it can achieve what it should: transformation and improvement. Say hello to giant.

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risk mitigation
Compliance is our watchword. We anticipate changes in legislation and employment trends, so we develop technology and design smart processes to minimise your hiring risk – now and in the future.
security & GDPR
Our rigorous international security standard ISO 27001 is reassurance that your sensitive data is secure and GDPR-compliant, protecting you from financial and reputational risk (we also adhere to ISO 9001 – international quality standard – and ISO 14001 – environmental management).
experience and expertise
The services of giant screening are delivered by giant group, providing compliance driven workforce solutions since 1992. Trusted by companies such as Page Group and Barclays Bank, our cloud-based software and managed services offer streamlined processes, visibility, control, cost savings and risk mitigation to companies of all sizes. Worldwide.